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Follow These Tips to Be Able to Lose Weight Super Quick!

  • Posted on August 6, 2014 at 2:50 pm

Losing weight is a great challenge to many people. For you to lose weight, it requires a combination of correct diet along with training. There are several things that come along with losing weight, some will hurt you and some will help you, check on these tips on how to lose weight that fits everyone.

Avoid starving yourself: Most people will think that weight loss is about creating calorie deficit in the body. This can be true to some level, but for you to lose weight and keep it off; you are supposed to nourish your body with correct foods. If you subject yourself to extreme low calorie diet, then your body will starve thus slowing the metabolism rate and storing excess fats. It does this because the body thinks you will starve, if it continues burning calories at normal pace.

Take more fiber and proteins: Proteins will nourish your muscles since it needs to stay healthy and grow. Weight loss does no good if you are losing muscle. Fiber helps you control blood sugar, improve your skin, feel full, increase heart health, reduce risk of stroke and many more.

Keep your stress low: Cortisol levels are raised by stress and in turn increases hunger and cravings for things you should avoid eating. Practice some distressing activities like yoga. Things like reading, meditation and hot shower will also help.

Limit your sweets: If you are wondering on how to lose weight then taking cakes and candies with cookies is not the way to go. Keep an eye on hidden sugars in food stuffs like yoghurt, juice and high sugar content and avoid them. Ensure you check the nutrition’s facts before settling down on a healthy snack at AQUA-MONSTER-GIVEAWAYS!

Exercise constantly: Make exercise a habit. Find time that works for you every day and stick on it. Don’t try doing it only when you are available. Take more than half an hour exercising and make it a routine.

Limit consumption of starchy carbs: Chips, white bread, tortillas, white rice etc. are examples of starchy carbs. Support your body by enriching your diet with foods such as vegetables which are non-starchy carbs. You can also take wheat bread and brown rice but don’t overdo it.

Take a good and enough sleep: Your body performs a lot of repairing and growing when you are asleep not while exercising or at gym. You need to enjoy 7-9 hours of smooth sleep every night. This time gives enables your body to get healthier.

Don’t avoid weight lifting: Most people would avoid lifting weights for fear of weight going up. It’s a good thing to build muscle when trying to lose weight. Muscles burn a lot of calories than fat does, thus the more muscles in your body the more calories the body burns every day.

The aforementioned ways are not the only ways to lose weight but they are great ways to start. People are different and different activities gives results differently, stick on these guidelines and you will realize encouraging results.